Fuel handling practices at a former jet fuel tank farm have resulted in the release of petroleum hydrocarbons to the subsurface. A site investigation was undertaken to determine the extent of the contamination and to evaluate the effectiveness of natural attenuation as a remedial alternative for the contaminated groundwater. A soil-vapour study and test pit soil samples aided in conceptualizing the source term, and groundwater samples were analyzed for contaminants and geochemical indicators of natural attenuation. BioRedox was used to model the dissolution of a residual source term and the biodegradation of the contaminants in the groundwater. There is often a large degree of uncertainty associated with the source term at contaminated sites related to the areal extent and residual saturation of the source term. The conceptual model used to represent the source term was varied to illustrate the impact of the uncertainty in the source term on the model predictions.

2000 Annual Conference - Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Thompson, A.M., van Geel, P, & Parker, W.J. (2000). Evaluation of the impact of the source term on natural attenuation of jet fuel contamination. Presented at the 2000 Annual Conference - Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.