The innovation in Digital Cultural Heritage (DCH) shows an emergence of innovative methods and initiatives for the generation of complex historical models to which are linked useful information for specialists of architecture, construction and engineering, but also user community interested in cultural heritage. This paper presents an improvement in Historic Building Information Modeling (HBIM) turned into models for mobile apps based on virtual reality (VR) addressed to enhance the communication of Architectural Heritage. The opportunity of a collaboration with the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) experts under the coordination of the Carleton University in a training project aimed at improving documentation skills for conservation and preventive maintenance of built heritage provided the availability of an extraordinary richness of data and surveying on the Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House. The case study of the Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House is an outstanding example of Bahrain architecture and one of the oldest surviving building in Muharraq, listed under the UNESCO sites, now transformed in a Museum, where the visit does not allow to perceive the richness of the traditions of the constructions, beside the beautiful architecture. The building was the seat of the ruler of Bahrain from 1869 until his death in 1932 and represented an interesting response to local building materials and climate. This vernacular architecture solved not only the climate problems but combined the solution with beauty, physical and social functionality. This research carries out digital preservation through HBIM and switches to Cloud and VR platforms to allow users to enter a 3D immersive scene, using models as a vehicle of content information.

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2nd International Conference of Geomatics and Restoration, GEORES 2019
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Banfi, F. (F.), Brumana, R. (R.), Aljishi, A. (A.), Al Sayeh, N. (N.), Santana Quintero, M, Cuca, B. (B.), … Midali, C. (C.). (2019). Generative modeling, virtual reality and hbim interaction: Immersive environment for built heritage: Case study of shaikh isa bin ali house, Bahrain. In ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences (pp. 149–157). doi:10.5194/isprs-Archives-XLII-2-W11-149-2019