This study presents a general bibliometric overview of the major scientific developments that have been published in Food Chemistry, since its first issue (1976). The bibliometric data were retrieved from the scopus database. The review identifies the most cited, productive authors, and the leading institutions and countries of the journal, based on bibliometric indicators. The research hot spots in the period from 1976 to 2016 were identified by using the visualization of similarities software (Vosviewer), and the graphical mapping of the authors was developed to visualize networks between authors. A total of 20,050 publications was analysed and the most influential subjects covered by the journal were identified. Topics related to the antioxidant components of foods and the analytical quantification of contaminants or components of food were identified as being most relevant. The bibliometric analyses indicate a significant evolution of the journal in terms of publications, scientometric performance and themes covered.

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Food Chemistry
Department of Chemistry

Kamdem, J.P. (Jean Paul), Duarte, A.E. (Antonia Eliene), Lima, K.R.R. (Kátia Regina Rodrigues), Rocha, J.B.T. (João Batista Teixeira), Hassan, W. (Waseem), Barros, L.M. (Luiz Marivando), … Tsopmo, A. (2019). Research trends in food chemistry: A bibliometric review of its 40 years anniversary (1976–2016). Food Chemistry (Vol. 294, pp. 448–457). doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2019.05.021