A Song of Ice and Fire provides a plethora of ideologies and governmentalities, and, in this article, I explore their strengths and weaknesses. Using a Foucauldian analysis to trace the divergent modes of governmentality apparent in Martin's texts, I demonstrate how fruitful the series is for conveying the complexities of various systems of governance, including feudalism, imperialism, and democracy.

A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin, Governmentality, Michel Foucault, Modes of government, The game of thrones
Canadian Review of American Studies
Department of English Language and Literature

Walton, P. (2019). “You win or you die”: The royal flush of power in game of thrones. Canadian Review of American Studies, 49(1), 99–114. doi:10.3138/cras.49.1.005