There is great potential to assess the well-being of older adults in their homes, using sensors. The data derived from these sensors can be used to create solutions that can improve the lives of the users and their family by providing knowledge of health and enable independence. The system architecture commonly proposed is based on sensors deployed in the residence to collect ambient information or information through interactive use. These sensors are then connected through the Internet to cloud services for archiving and processing that is typically based on data analytics and artificial intelligence. This paper specifically focuses on modeling these flows and presents the challenges associated with the demands they place on Internet connectivity services. The paper presents an architecture for the resulting implementation models required for these solutions to be able to be scaled in communities.

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14th IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium, SAS 2019
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Wallace, R.B. (R Bruce), Horsfall, F. (Frank), Goubran, R, El-Haraki, A. (Ali), & Knoefel, F. (2019). The Challenges of Connecting Smart Home Health Sensors to Cloud Analytics. In SAS 2019 - 2019 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium, Conference Proceedings. doi:10.1109/SAS.2019.8706128