The N-S trending Central-Aldan magnesiocarbonatite province is located in the Aldan-Stanovoy shield (South Yakutia, Russia). Several apatite-dolomitic carbonatite occurrences were studied: Seligdar, Muostalaah, Ust-Chulman and Birikeen. Mineralogical and petrographic investigations indicate intense hydrothermal-metasomatic alteration and metamorphism, which are reflected in the evolution of the mineral parageneses. The primary minerals are fluorapatite, magnetite, ilmenite, dolomite, K-feldspar, phlogopite and accessory zircon, titanite, baddeleyite and thorite. The hydrothermal-metasomatic minerals are quartz, calcite and siderite aggregates with haematite, monazite-(Ce), xenotime-(Y), rutile-(Nb), barite-(Sr), anhydrite, ancylite-(Ce) and rare sulphide mineral phases. Alkaline rocks associated with the Muostalaah complex, were also studied. The following U-Pb ages have been obtained (Ma): 1930 ± 7 for Muostalaah alkaline basic rocks, 1906 ± 6 for Muostalaah carbonatites, and 1880 ± 13 and 1878 ± 17 for Seligdar and Ust-Chulman carbonatites, respectively.

Apatite, Geochronology, Magnesiocarbonatite, Mineralogy, Petrography
Mineralogy and Petrology
Department of Earth Sciences

Prokopyev, I.R. (Ilya R.), Doroshkevich, A.G. (Anna G.), Sergeev, S.A. (Sergey A.), Ernst, R.E, Ponomarev, J.D. (Jean D.), Redina, A.A. (Anna A.), … Minakov, A.V. (Alexey V.). (2019). Petrography, mineralogy and SIMS U-Pb geochronology of 1.9–1.8 Ga carbonatites and associated alkaline rocks of the Central-Aldan magnesiocarbonatite province (South Yakutia, Russia). Mineralogy and Petrology, 113(3), 329–352. doi:10.1007/s00710-019-00661-3