Excited B-mesons have been observed by the D0, CDF, LHCb and CMS experiments. We use the predictions of the relativized quark model to make quark model spectroscopic assignments for these states. We identify the B2*(5747) and B1(5721) as the B2*[13P2] and B1[1 P1] states and the Bs2*(5840) and Bs1(5830) as the Bs2*[13P2] and Bs1[1 P1] states. More information is needed to identify the BJ(5970) and BJ(5840) states and we suggest a number of measurements to make this identification: the determination of their JP quantum numbers and either confirming or ruling out their decays to the Bπ final state. With the current information available we believe it most likely that the BJ(5970) is the B*[2 3S1] state, with the BJ(5840) needing confirmation.

European Physical Journal A
Department of Physics

Godfrey, S, & Moats, K. (Kenneth). (2019). Spectroscopic assignments of the excited B-mesons. European Physical Journal A, 55(5). doi:10.1140/epja/i2019-12763-9