An adaptive multiple-beam antenna (MBA) array is proposed for use in an indoor wireless environment to direct "narrowbeams" at the desired paths and create nulls towards the cochannel interference (CC1) paths to mitigate the multipath and the CCI impairments. The array performance is evaluated in terms of symbol error rate (SER)for a coherent QPSK signalling scheme. It was discovered that the SER improves with more array elements The SER with large array is better when there is a dominant path among the multipath. The performance degradation due to CCI depends on the signal-tointerference ratio (SIR) and the CCI path DOA.
1992 Singapore: Communications on the Move, ICCS/ISITA 1992
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Kwala, P. (Pimpin), & Sheikh, A.U.H. (1992). Adaptive multiple-beam array for indoor wireless communications. In Proceedings - Singapore ICCS/ISITA 1992: ''Communications on the Move'' (pp. 910–914). doi:10.1109/ICCS.1992.255130