Preface - Pathways to Poverty Reduction through Community-Campus Partnerships
Chapter One: Creating Strategic Partnerships to Influence Policy (Liz Weaver)
Chapter Two: Models of Community-Campus Engagement in the Poverty Reduction Hub of CFICE (Karen Schwartz)
Chapter Three: University and Community Collaboration: Achieving Social Change (Erin Bigney, Tracey Chiasson, Melanie Hientz, Robert MacKinnon and Cathy Wright)
Chapter Four: On a Path of True Reconciliation: Investing in a Poverty-free Saskatoon (Colleen Christopherson-Côté, Lisa Erickson, Isobel M. Findlay and Vanessa Charles)
Chapter Five: Using Campus Community Engagement to Build Capacity for Poverty Reduction (Amanda Lefrancois)
Chapter Six: Shifting Societal Attitudes Regarding Poverty: Reflections on a Successful Community-University Partnership ( Mary MacKeigan, Jessica Wiese, Terry Mitchell, Colleen Loomis and Alexa Stovold)
Chapter Seven: Models of Collaboration: Does Community Engagement with University Colleges Have an Impact on Poverty Reduction? (Polly Leonard and Karen Schwartz)
Chapter Eight: A Peephole into the Student Experience: Student Research Assistants on their Experiences in the Poverty Reduction Hub (Aaron Kozak, Zhaocheng Zeng and Natasha Pei)
Chapter Nine: Poverty Reduction Hub Evaluation (Aaron Kozak, Karen Schwartz, Amanda Lefrancois and Liz Weaver)
Chapter Ten: Conclusion (Magdalene Goemans)

Carleton University

edited by Karen Schwartz, Liz Weaver, Aaron Kozak & Magdalene Goemans.

Produced by the Poverty Reduction Hub of Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE), a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)-funded project, coled by Carleton University and Vibrant Communities (an imprint of Tamarack Institute). CFICE website:

Community-First: Impacts of Community Engagement Project

Schwartz, K, Weaver, Liz, Kozak, Aaron, & Goemans, Magdalene. (2019). Moving the Needle on Poverty. Carleton University. doi:10.22215/cfice-2019-01