Drawing on the “top-down” view of life satisfaction, this study investigates the influence of employee career resilience on life satisfaction and examines mediating effects of indicators of career success (i.e., salary, job level, job satisfaction) and work-related well-being (i.e., work stress) on this relationship. Data were collected from a sample of 527 working professionals from various organizations across the central United States. Results revealed that career resilience was positively associated with life satisfaction. Two indicators of career success (job satisfaction and salary) and work stress were found to mediate this relationship. Taken together, these findings signal that career resilience contributes to employee subjective well-being and that both career success and work stress are instrumental in explaining this relationship.

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Journal of Career Development
Sprott School of Business

Han, Y. (Yu (Jade)), Chaudhury, T. (Tasnuva), & Sears, G. (2019). Does Career Resilience Promote Subjective Well-Being? Mediating Effects of Career Success and Work Stress. Journal of Career Development. doi:10.1177/0894845319851875