This paper describes a user study plan for the MADE Teacher’s Dashboard, our proposed data visualization dashboard that supports educators to inspect and reflect on the emotional states of students using web learning applications. Our goal was to support the system designer, and indirectly also teachers and students. Our dashboard follows affective learning models and monitors online learner emotions. It uses an open source library that supports tracking of facial features and detection of emotions in real time, identifying six different emotions. We present a user study plan to determine whether the data visualization graph can be interpreted properly.

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Annual Review of CyberTherapy and Telemedicine
School of Computer Science

Ghasemaghaei, R. (Reza), Arya, A, & Biddle, R. (2018). User study of emotional visualization dashboard for educational software: Description of the study protocol. Annual Review of CyberTherapy and Telemedicine, 2018(16), 182–189.