Abstract: On the basis of U–Pb dating of zircon and baddeleyite from gabbro–dolerite of the Goloustnaya dyke swarm (southern margin of the Siberian Craton), the age of basites was established as 1338.0 ± 2.9 Ma. It is shown that the basite intrusions of close ages from the Goloustnaya and Listvyanka areas (southern Siberian Craton) and Victoria Island (northern Laurentia, Barking Dog complex) could have been formed under the influence of the same mantle plume and belong to the same Large Igneous Province of Ectasian (Middle Mesoproterozoic) age.

Doklady Earth Sciences
Department of Earth Sciences

Gladkochub, D.P. (D. P.), Donskaya, T.V. (T. V.), Ernst, R.E, Hamilton, M.A. (M. A.), Mazukabzov, A.M. (A. M.), Pisarevsky, S.A. (S. A.), & Kamo, S. (S.). (2019). A New Ectasian Event of Basitic Magmatism in the Southern Siberian Craton. Doklady Earth Sciences, 486(1), 507–511. doi:10.1134/S1028334X19050222