This paper presents both experimental results and a simulation study of anisotropic growth for deposited thin films of BCC metals. The experimental results present W films deposited using CVD over flat substrates, high aspect ratio trenches and overhang structures. Simulation was undertaken using 3D-Films a three dimensional Monte Carlo program microstructural growth simulator. Modifications to 3D-Films were made to allow for the modeling of faceted grain growth due anisotropic adatom mobilities and surface energies. The results show that although the faceted grain growth does produce a rougher surface the film is dense and mostly columnar in nature. Comparisons to films grown with isotropic grain growth reveal that the surface roughness is 2-3 times larger for the faceted films and that the microstructure is significantly less uniform.

Advanced Metallization Conference 2003, AMC 2003
Department of Electronics

Smy, T, & Joshi, R.V. (2003). Simulation of the deposition of BCC metals including anistropic effects using 3D-films. Presented at the Advanced Metallization Conference 2003, AMC 2003.