Embedded systems are increasingly used to control different devices ranging from toys, up to vehicles and spaceships. Each machine has special hardware designed to perform its tasks optimally, and there are constrains that emerge from the relation between hardware, embedded software and the environment. Discrete-Event Modeling of Embedded Systems (DEMES) is a formal methodology to develop software for embedded systems using a discrete event formalism to implement the system software as a model, abstracting the software from the hardware and facilitating verification and validation. The objective of this paper is to show how to use DEMES to develop controllers for a quadcopter and to deploy them on the target hardware.

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2019 Spring Simulation Conference, SpringSim 2019
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Ruiz-Martin, C. (Cristina), Al-Habashna, A. (Alara), Wainer, G.A, & Belloli, L. (Laouen). (2019). Control of a quadcopter application with devs. In 2019 Spring Simulation Conference, SpringSim 2019. doi:10.23919/SpringSim.2019.8732889