This paper presents an experimental study of copper coplanar waveguides fabricated on silicon sub-strates suitable for use in bulk CMOS IC fabrication. The waveguides were separated from the substrate by thick layers of polyimide. Waveguide performance is compared to that of aluminum control devices underlayed with silicon dioxide. The lower resistance of the copper and improved substrate isolation obtained with the low-k polyimide dielectric provide a significant performance boost compared to the controls. Distributed parameters for these CPWs are provided for frequencies up to 15 GHz to support circuit applications for theses devices.

Advanced Metallization Conference 2003, AMC 2003
Department of Electronics

Amaya, R, Levenets, V., Tarr, N.G, & Plett, C. (2003). Copper coplanar waveguides on silicon substrates for operation above 10 GHz. Presented at the Advanced Metallization Conference 2003, AMC 2003.