In my talk I discussed the properties of the newly discovered D sJ*(2317), DsJ(2460), X(3872), and SELEX D sJ*(2632) states and suggested experimental measurements that can shed light on them. In this writeup I concentrate on an important facet of understanding the DsJ states, the properties of the closely related D0* and D1′ states. These states are well described as the broad, j = 1/2 non-strange charmed P-wave mesons.

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Keywords Charm Mesons, Charm-strange mesons, Quark model
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Journal International Journal of Modern Physics A
Godfrey, S. (2005). P-wave charm mesons as a window to the DsJ states. International Journal of Modern Physics A, 20(16), 3771–3773. doi:10.1142/S0217751X05027576