We study the response of nonlinear wave systems in bounded domains at or near resonance. There are typically two qualitatively distinct types of response which may be observed relating to whether or not higher harmonics are themselves resonant. We introduce a variety of nonlinear model problems at or near resonance and study the subsequent response. We explain how the features of this problem such as the form of nonlinearity, boundary conditions, and the nature of spectrum play a fundamental role in the qualitative nature of the response. Numerical simulations are carried out to provide further explanation and comparison with analytic approximations. The results of this study provide a better understanding of the impact and interplay between nonlinear and boundary effects and thus in turn will contribute to providing new insights into various physically motivated problems in acoustics and other settings.

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Studies in Applied Mathematics
School of Mathematics and Statistics

Shatnawi, T.A.M. (Taqi A. M.), & Amundsen, D. (2019). Resonances in bounded media: Nonlinear and boundary effects. Studies in Applied Mathematics, 143(2), 192–210. doi:10.1111/sapm.12274