This book answers the question of how to maintain effective labour regulation as the market for labour moves towards globalization. This issue is addressed from legal, economic, social and cultural perspectives. The authors consider the effects of free trade and investment, with and without labour standards, on employment, competitiveness, wages and working conditions in the global economy. Deriving and analysing policy options, they seek ways in which principles of labour regulation can operate at an international level. The work concludes with a call for a rule-based global trading system in which core labour standards play a significant part.
Centre on Values and Ethics

Mehmet, O, Mendes, E. (Errol), & Sinding, R. (Robert). (2013). Towards a fair global labour market: Avoiding a new slave trade. Towards A Fair Global Labour Market: Avoiding a New Slave Trade, 1–244. doi:10.4324/9780203068373