The article represents the findings of a study pertaining to the social service and income support needs of people with disabilities in Liaoning Province, northern China, and data for this research is based on the authors’ research for the Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Liaoning Province, China. The article presents findings gained through an extensive review of literature pertaining to disability in China as well as an examination of Chinese government programs and policies and data collected through on-site interviews in China. For this research, 53 people were interviewed and the participants included people with disabilities, their family members, front-line workers, care providers, and program administrators. The research findings highlight a number of themes including issues of stigma, underreporting of disability, difficulty in accessing income supports, social services, educational supports, and employment supports. In addition, the article examines disability rights and disability policy in China and the article offers insight into Chinese ways of coping and resilience.

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Global Social Welfare
School of Social Work

Kwok, S.M. (Siu Ming), Tam, D. (Dora), & Hanes, R. (2018). An Exploratory Study into Social Welfare Policies and Social Service Delivery Models for People with Disabilities in China. Global Social Welfare, 5(3), 155–165. doi:10.1007/s40609-016-0077-x