Examines what data are, the power of data, how they are used, who owns them, and if and when linked, filtered through algorithms, search engines or visualized into maps and infographics, assess if these determine actions and material outcomes.

Course presentations include:
Week 1 - Introduction – What are facts, data, datasets, databases and metadata?
Week 2 - Conceptualizing Data
Week 3 - Data Infrastructures and Data Brokers
Week 4 - Open Data, Open Government, and Linked Data
Week 5 - The Characteristics of Big Data
Week 6 - The Enablers of Big Data
Week 7 - Data Science & Data Analytics
Week 8 - The Rationale for Big Data
Week 9 - Data-Based Activism
Week 10 - The End of Science?
Week 11 - Social Media & Activism
Week 12 - Ethical, political, social and legal concerns
Week 13 - Exam Review

Carleton University
Lauriault - Course collection

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School of Journalism and Communication

Lauriault, T.P. (2016). Critical Studies of Big Data 2016 - COMM4419. Lauriault - Course collection. Carleton University. doi:10.22215/tplauriault.courses.2016.comm.4419