Theoretical debates, research approaches and discursive regimes pertaining to the datafication of everyday life, data and living environments, and the quantified control of the future. Emphasis on the production of databased knowledge and the influence data have on the material and social world.

Course presentations include:
Week 1 - Introduction – What are data? Data-Based Reasoning?
Week 2 - Assemblages, Indicators and Performance Measures
Week 3 - Facts
Week 4 - Categories and Social Sorting
Week 5 - Administrative and Survey Data
Week 6 - Standards
Week 7 - Mapping and Indigenous Knowledge
Week 8 - Big Data
Week 9 - Probability & Risk
Week 10 - Data Infrastructure
Week 11 - From Critical Theory to Action
Week 12 - Assemblages, Genealogies and Dynamic Nominalism

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