Digital mapping is now ubiquitous and an increasing amount of geodata is being created by all sectors. Despite this explosion, few data are preserved and, as a result, a fundamental source of scientific and cultural heritage, culture and knowledge, is very much at risk. The chapter therefore argues that the preservation of maps and spatial information requires dedicated resources. The authors examine the challenges and opportunities of preserving Canadian geospatial data and begin by telling the story of the rescue and salvage of the Canada Land Inventory, followed by a review of Canadian preservation initiatives, laws, policies, and directives. In addition, four existing preservation and geospatial data management examples are introduced; tools for establishing a preservation system are shown and cybercartographic atlases are discussed as traditional knowledge archives.

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Modern Cartography Series
School of Journalism and Communication

Lauriault, T.P, & Taylor, D.R. (2019). The preservation and archiving of geospatial data and Cybercartography as a proactive preservation process. In Modern Cartography Series. doi:10.1016/B978-0-444-64193-9.00011-7