Adopting a multi-method geomatics approach offers fewer limitations to spatial research compared to the use of a single spatial tool. This research combines, Cybercartography, a geographic information system (GIS) with fuzzy set theory, and remote sensing in the study of Roman Britain. The cybercartographic framework Nunaliit offers a flexible environment for collecting and visualizing historical data. Building on this tool, GIS with fuzzy set theory was performed for a site selection analysis to determine potential sites to investigate using remote sensing image analysis techniques.

Cybercartography, Fuzzy set theory, Geomatics, GIS, Historical geography, Remote sensing, Roman Britain
Modern Cartography Series
Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre

Oikle, R. (R.), & Taylor, D.R. (2019). Cybercartography and the historical geography of Roman Britain. In Modern Cartography Series. doi:10.1016/B978-0-444-64193-9.00016-6