This paper presents an analytical dynamics based formulation for close-range planar rendezvous of two chaser spacecraft onto an uncontrolled target spacecraft. The control requirements on the chaser system is formulated based on displacement constraints with respect to target. Exact control forces are then generated based on the acceleration constraint equation, which is derived from the displacement constraint, and substituted into the Udwadia-Kalaba equation. As the major contribution, a new formulation is developed for both a single and dual-chaser close-range rendezvous. The simulation results highlight the simultaneous angular velocity synchronization and stand-off distance maintenance with respect to the target.

2019 American Control Conference, ACC 2019
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Pothen, A.A. (Abin Alex), & Ulrich, S. (2019). Close-range rendezvous with a moving target spacecraft using udwadia-kalaba equation. In Proceedings of the American Control Conference (pp. 3267–3272).