The Library of Parliament offers guided tours of the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Canada. Trained guides lead visitors through the main spaces of the Centre Block following a carefully scripted itinerary. Unfortunately, the Centre Block will be closing in 2018 to undergo a multi-year long rehabilitation, suspending the current tour program and relocating parliamentary activities. The closing of Centre Block presented two research challenges: how to continue to engage the public in the rich history of the Centre Block and how to engage and educate the public about the rehabilitation process.Carleton Immersive Media Studio has been working with Public Services and Procurement Canada for over two years to record and model the existing conditions of the Centre Block in preparation for the rehabilitation. In this paper, we discuss three projects-The "Senate Virtual Tour", the "VR Kiosk", and "Building Canada's Parliament"-That repurpose these existing digital assets to teach an online public about the past and future of Canada's Parliament Buildings. The projects offer non-linear, self-guided, and interactive experiences that engage the visitor by offering a sense of agency. In the first example, visitors can experience the digitally assisted storytelling of the "Senate Virtual Tour" by taking a self-guided walk through the spaces of the Senate and choose from a range of artefacts that are available for closer study. The second example, the "VR Kiosk", provides passive virtual reality experience narratives focusing on the rehabilitation project, and lastly, "Building Canada's Parliament", offers interactive games and images, video, and 360-video to tell the story of the Parliamentary architecture and the rehabilitation project.

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3rd Digital Heritage International Congress, Digital Heritage 2018
Carleton Immersive Media Studio

Graham, K. (Katie), & Fai, S. (2018). Creating non-linear digital stories of the canadian parliament buildings and rehabilitation project. In Proceedings of the 2018 3rd Digital Heritage International Congress, Digital Heritage 2018 - Held jointly with the 2018 24th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, VSMM 2018. doi:10.1109/DigitalHeritage.2018.8810095