Loop Heat Pipes (LHPs) are two phase heat transport devices where the fluid circulation is achieved by capillary forces. Because of their high heat transport capability, robustness, reliability and compactness, they are becoming standard thermal control devices in several applications in space, aeronautics and electronics industry. Several mathematical models have been developed to predict the behavior of these devices. However, due to the complexity of the two-phase phenomena involved in LHPs, current models cannot simulate several performance characteristics. This paper presents an LHP mathematical model developed using the software simulation tool EcosimPro. The results of the mathematical model have been compared with the hardware test data for code validation. Results in both, steady and transient conditions, are presented and discussed. Copyright

SAE Technical Papers
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Gregori, C. (Carmen), Torres, A. (Alejandro), Pérez, R. (Ramón), & Kaya, T. (2005). LHP modeling with EcosimPro and experimental validation. In SAE Technical Papers. doi:10.4271/2005-01-2934