A stream analysis model was developed to simulate the behavior of the accumulator in an automotive air conditioning system. It allows a comprehensive steady state simulation with a set of input conditions, which are total mass flow rate (refrigerant and oil) and pressure at accumulator inlet. This simulation works with refrigerant R134a/PAG mixture. The outputs are quality, pressure and temperature at various positions of accumulator. The model is implemented in MATLAB. The results of the model can demonstrate how the geometrical dimensions influence vapor quality at compressor inlet, and can be used to establish the values of the key dimensions that result in an accumulator with minimal pressure drop whilst retaining function under all relevant operating conditions. Copyright

SAE Technical Papers
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Wang, S. (Shujun), Gu, J, & Dickson, T. (Tim). (2005). Model to simulate the behavior of accumulators in automotive air conditioning systems. In SAE Technical Papers. doi:10.4271/2005-01-2047