Background: There is a broad recognition that journalism is facing difficult times in Canada and internationally. Analysis: This article reviews the literature on the state of journalism and then focuses on one element of the perceived crisis of journalism in the Canadian context: claims that the number of employed journalists has fallen sharply in recent years. Using data from Statistics Canada and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the authors find that, unlike the United States, the number of journalists employed in Canada has risen slightly in absolute terms over the past two decades. Conclusions and implications: These findings have important implications for how researchers, politicians and the public think about the state of journalism in Canada and what types of policy prescriptions might be more or less appropriate to deal with the real but not necessarily calamitous changes that are taking place.

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Canadian Journal of Communication
Communication & Media Studies

Wilkinson, S. (Sabrina), & Winseck, D. (2019). Crisis or transformation? Debates over journalistic work in Canada. Canadian Journal of Communication, 44(3), 373–395. doi:10.22230/cjc.2019v44n3a3347