Rape-supportive cognition is both theoretically and empirically related to rape. Several types of rape-supportive cognition (cognitive distortions) have been identified in the literature, suggesting that rapists' rape-supportive cognition may be multidimensional. The Bumby RAPE Scale is one measure of rape-supportive cognition. The authors conducted an exploratory factor analysis using polychoric correlations to examine the types of rape-supportive cognition assessed by the Bumby RAPE Scale with a sample of 280 adult male sex offenders. A two-factor model was found; the two factors were labeled Excusing Rape and Justifying Rape. The current study suggests that the Bumby RAPE Scale is multidimensional. This factor structure may provide greater precision and clarity in the assessment of rape-supportive cognition, which may facilitate more informative research and, ultimately, contribute to more effective sex offender treatment and management.

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Criminal Justice and Behavior
Department of Psychology

Hermann, C.A. (Chantal A.), Babchishin, K.M. (Kelly M.), Nunes, K, Leth-Steensen, C, & Cortoni, F. (Franca). (2012). Factor Structure of the Bumby RAPE Scale: A Two-Factor Model. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 39(7), 869–886. doi:10.1177/0093854812436802