For decades software developers have struggled in their attempts to deliver high quality software products. Against this background, software process improvement (SPI) programs are viewed as one of the solutions to overcome the problem of delivering low quality software products. This study utilised a two-phase approach to ascertain the state of SPI adoption and the determinants of information systems (IS) quality and success in Canadian software development firms. The study found a moderate adoption rate of SPI programs and it was felt that user training and technical support could positively impact the success of information systems projects. Based on these arguments a proposed research model was presented with the hope of it being validated in future studies.

Adoption, Process maturity, Software development, Software process improvement, SPI
International Journal of Business Information Systems
Sprott School of Business

Chevers, D.A. (Delroy A.), & Grant, G. (2019). Developers’ views on the adoption and benefits of software process improvement programs in Canadian software development firms. International Journal of Business Information Systems, 32(2), 238–252. doi:10.1504/IJBIS.2019.103077