Space mapping (SM) methodology has been recognized as a powerful tool for accelerating electromagnetic (EM)-based yield optimization. This paper proposes a novel parallel space-mapping based yield-driven EM optimization technique incorporating trust region algorithm and polynomial chaos expansion (PCE). In this technique, a novel trust region algorithm is proposed to increase the robustness of the SM surrogate in each iteration during yield optimization. The proposed algorithm updates the trust radius of each design parameter based on the effectiveness of minimizing the $l_{1}$ objective function using the surrogate, thereby increasing the robustness of the SM surrogate. Moreover, for the first time, parallel computation method is incorporated into SM-based yield-driven design to accelerate the overall yield optimization process of microwave structures. The use of parallel computation allows the surrogate developed in the proposed technique to be valid in a larger neighborhood than that in standard SM, consequently increasing the speed of finding the optimal yield solution in SM-based yield-driven design. Lastly, the PCE approach is incorporated into the proposed technique to further speed up yield verification on the fine model. Compared with the standard SM-based yield optimization technique with sequential computation, the proposed technique achieves a higher yield increase with shorter CPU time by reducing the number of SM iterations. The proposed technique is illustrated by two microwave examples.

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IEEE Access
Department of Electronics

Zhang, J. (Jianan), Feng, F. (Feng), Na, W. (Weicong), Yan, S. (Shuxia), & Zhang, Q.J. (2019). Parallel Space-Mapping Based Yield-Driven em Optimization Incorporating Trust Region Algorithm and Polynomial Chaos Expansion. IEEE Access, 7, 143673–143683. doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2944415