Fire spreading is a phenomenon that has received much interest over the years. Because the analysis of fire spreading using mathematical models can be extremely challenging due to the various factors involved, researchers use modeling and simulation to study this problem. There are many fire spread models. However, many of them require long execution time, which reduces their usability. Quantization was proposed as a solution to deal with the long execution time problem. The primary goal of this research is to study the effect of quantum size on the accuracy and performance of Cell-DEVS fire-spread models, and to develop an improved version of existing Cell-DEVS fire-spread models.

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2019 Theory of Modeling and Simulation, TMS 2019, Part of the 2019 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference, SpringSim 2019
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Al-Habashna, A. (Ala’A), Ruiz-Martin, C. (Cristina), & Wainer, G.A. (2019). Analyzing the impact of quantum size on the accuracy and performance of cell-devs fire models. In Simulation Series. doi:10.23919/SpringSim.2019.8732888