Buildings occupy about 40% of the world’s energy consumption, accounting for 30% of total CO2 emissions. The motivation to reduce energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions from buildings has led to increased interest in building automation. Real-Time Discrete Event Modelling and simulation presents an efficient way to design control systems for conservation of energy in buildings. We present a Building Controller built using the E-CD Boost library, that uses a DEVS model to control the lights and emergency systems of a building based on room occupancy and other inputs. This is a step in the development of model-based control systems to optimize energy consumption in buildings.

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2019 Theory of Modeling and Simulation, TMS 2019, Part of the 2019 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference, SpringSim 2019
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Earle, B. (Ben), Bjornson, K. (Kyle), Boi-Ukeme, J. (Joseph), & Wainer, G.A. (2019). Design and implementation of a building control system in real-time devs. In Simulation Series. doi:10.23919/SpringSim.2019.8732922