Cooperative video caching and transcoding in mobile edge computing (MEC) networks is a new paradigm for future wireless networks, e.g., 5G and beyond-5G, to reduce scarce and expensive backhaul resource usage by prefetching video files within radio access networks (RANs). Integration of this technique with other advent technologies, such as wireless network virtualization and multicarrier non-orthogonal multiple access (MC-NOMA), provides more flexible video delivery opportunities, which leads to enhancements both for the network's revenue and for the end-users' service experience. In this regard, we propose a two-phase RAF for a parallel cooperative joint multi-bitrate video caching and transcoding in heterogeneous virtualized MEC (HV-MEC) networks. In the cache placement phase, we propose novel proactive delivery-aware cache placement strategies (DACPSs) by jointly allocating physical and radio resources based on the network stochastic information to exploit flexible delivery opportunities. Then, for the delivery phase, we propose a delivery policy based on user requests and network channel conditions. The optimization problems corresponding to both phases aim to maximize the total revenue of network slices, i.e., virtual networks. Both problems are non-convex and suffer from high-computational complexities. For each phase, we show how the problem can be solved efficiently. We also propose a low-complexity RAF, in which the complexity of the delivery algorithm is significantly reduced. A delivery-aware cache refreshment strategy (DACRS) in the delivery phase is also proposed to tackle the dynamical changes of network stochastic information. The extensive numerical assessments demonstrate a performance improvement of up to 30% for our proposed DACPSs and DACRS over traditional approaches.

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IEEE Access
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Rezvani, S. (Sepehr), Parsaeefard, S. (Saeedeh), Mokari, N. (Nader), Javan, M.R. (Mohammad R.), & Yanikomeroglu, H. (2019). Cooperative Multi-Bitrate Video Caching and Transcoding in Multicarrier NOMA-Assisted Heterogeneous Virtualized MEC Networks. IEEE Access, 7, 93511–93536. doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2927903