In this article, we present an approximation algorithm for solving the single source shortest paths problem on weighted polyhedral surfaces. We consider a polyhedral surface P as consisting of n triangular faces, where each face has an associated positive weight. The cost of travel through a face is the Euclidean distance traveled, multiplied by the face's weight. For a given parameter ε, 0 < ε < 1, the cost of the computed paths is at most 1 + ε times the cost of corresponding shortest paths. Our algorithm is based on a novel way of discretizing polyhedral surfaces and utilizes a generic greedy approach for computing shortest paths in geometric graphs obtained by such discretization. Its running time is O(C(P)n/√ε log n/ε log 1/ε) time, where C(P) captures geometric parameters and the weights of the faces of P.

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Keywords Approximation algorithms, Computational geometry, Design and analysis of algorithms, Polyhedral surfaces, Shortest path problems, Weighted paths
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Journal Journal of the ACM
Aleksandrov, L., Maheshwari, A, & Sack, J.-R. (2005). Determining approximate shortest paths on weighted polyhedral surfaces. Journal of the ACM, 52(1), 25–53. doi:10.1145/1044731.1044733