The reductive dehalogenation of a zwitterionic GeII species to make a zwitterionic GeI dimer with a 1,2-dicationic core is reported herein. To the root of the stability of this compound, the molecular and electronic structures were comprehensively characterized and investigated using crystallographic, spectroscopic, and computational methods. It was determined that the Ge centers are attracted because they are both electron-rich and positively charged. A comparison to the electronic structure in triphosphenium cations revealed varying degrees of covalent bonding and that this difference can be distinguished spectroscopically.

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Chemistry - A European Journal
Department of Chemistry

Béland, V.A. (Vanessa A.), Wang, Z. (Zhiqiang), Macdonald, C.L.B, Sham, T.-K. (Tsun-Kong), & Ragogna, P.J. (Paul J.). (2019). A Comprehensive Investigation of a Zwitterionic GeI Dimer with a 1,2-Dicationic Core. Chemistry - A European Journal. doi:10.1002/chem.201903683