The Cell-DEVS WebViewer is a lightweight, web-based software that allows users to visualize, interact with and analyze results of cellular automata based simulators such as CD++. A first version of this platform was presented at SpringSim 2018, since then, many improvements have been added. Notably, it has been refactored to follow a more object-oriented architecture which is presented in detail in this paper. Other improvements include additional analytical features as well as an integration with RISE, a server-side distributed simulator that allows users to remotely manage the complete lifecycle of a simulation. The aim of this platform is to support stakeholders and decision makers by providing them with a simple, user-friendly graphic user interface that offers a deeper insight into the system under study.

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51st Summer Computer Simulation Conference, SCSC 2019, Held at the Summer Simulation Conference, SummerSim 2019
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

St-Aubin, B. (Bruno), Yammine, E. (Eli), Nayef, M. (Majed), & Wainer, G.A. (2019). Analytics and visualization of spatial models as a service. In Simulation Series.