The withdrawal of the UK from the EU, if and when it occurs, will likely imply that Canada must conclude a new bilateral trade agreement with the UK. In light of recent trends toward an increasing politicization of trade negotiations, this policy brief assesses the respects in which a Canada–UK agreement could become politically controversial. Drawing on explanations for the politicization of recent trade deals, it identifies potential flashpoints for political conflict in the Canada–UK trade relationship. It then discusses how policy-makers can channel trade-related controversies into the policy process in an inclusive and evidence-based manner.

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International Journal
Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

Hurrelmann, A, Atikcan, E. Ö., Chalmers, A.W. (Adam William), & Viju, C. (2019). Political controversy about international economic agreements: Lessons for Canada–UK trade negotiations after Brexit. International Journal, 74(3), 453–462. doi:10.1177/0020702019875838