We propose an approach for temporally coherent patch-based texture synthesis on the free surface of fluids. Our approach is applied as a post-process, using the surface and velocity field from any fluid simulator. We apply the texture from the exemplar through multiple local mesh patches fitted to the surface and mapped to the exemplar. Our patches are constructed from the fluid free surface by taking a subsection of the free surface mesh. As such, they are initially very well adapted to the fluid's surface, and can later deform according to the free surface velocity field, allowing a greater ability to represent surface motion than rigid or 2D grid-based patches. From one frame to the next, the patch centers and surrounding patch vertices are advected according to the velocity field. We seek to maintain a Poisson disk distribution of patches, and following advection, the Poisson disk criterion determines where to add new patches and which patches should e flagged for removal. The removal considers the local number of patches: in regions containing too many patches, we accelerate the temporal removal. This reduces the number of patches while still meeting the Poisson disk criterion. Reducing areas with too many patches speeds up the computation and avoids patch-blending artifacts. The final step of our approach creates the overall texture in an atlas where each texel is computed from the patches using a contrast-preserving blending function. Our tests show that the approach works well on free surfaces undergoing significant deformation and topological changes. Furthermore, we show that our approach provides good results for many fluid simulation scenarios, and with many texture exemplars. We also confirm that the optical flow from the resulting texture matches the fluid velocity field. Overall, our approach compares favorably against recent work in this area.

Computer Graphics Forum
School of Computer Science

Gagnon, J. (Jonathan), Guzmán, J.E. (Julián E.), Vervondel, V. (Valentin), Dagenais, F. (François), Mould, D, & Paquette, E. (Eric). (2019). Distribution Update of Deformable Patches for Texture Synthesis on the Free Surface of Fluids. Computer Graphics Forum, 38(7), 491–500. doi:10.1111/cgf.13855