Here, we integrate two influential psychological theories: social-identity theory and self-determination theory. Whereas social-identity theory considers how social identities impact the self, self-determination theory elucidates the psychological necessity of feeling related, competent, and autonomous. In this article, we outline and provide justification for a unified theoretical framework that considers how perceptions of personal relatedness, competence, and autonomy are influenced by perceptions that one’s social group is related, competent, and autonomous.

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Current Directions in Psychological Science
Department of Psychology

Kachanoff, F.J. (Frank J.), Wohl, M, Koestner, R. (Richard), & Taylor, D.M. (Donald M.). (2019). Them, Us, and I: How Group Contexts Influence Basic Psychological Needs. Current Directions in Psychological Science. doi:10.1177/0963721419884318