Here, we integrate two influential psychological theories: social-identity theory and self-determination theory. Whereas social-identity theory considers how social identities impact the self, self-determination theory elucidates the psychological necessity of feeling related, competent, and autonomous. In this article, we outline and provide justification for a unified theoretical framework that considers how perceptions of personal relatedness, competence, and autonomy are influenced by perceptions that one’s social group is related, competent, and autonomous.

autonomy, competence, intergroup relations, relatedness, social identity, well-being
Current Directions in Psychological Science
Department of Psychology

Kachanoff, F.J. (Frank J.), Wohl, M, Koestner, R. (Richard), & Taylor, D.M. (Donald M.). (2019). Them, Us, and I: How Group Contexts Influence Basic Psychological Needs. Current Directions in Psychological Science. doi:10.1177/0963721419884318