Linear cascade measurements for the aerodynamic performance of three transonic High Pressure (HP) turbine blades have been presented previously by Corriveau and Sjolander [1] [2] for the design incidence. The airfoils were designed for the same inlet and outlet velocity triangles but varied in their loading distributions. Results from the earlier studies indicated that by shifting the loading towards the rear of the airfoil an improvement in the profile loss performance of the order of 20% could be obtained near the design Mach number of 1.05. The measurements have been extended to off-design incidence to investigate the effects of incidence on the performance of HP turbine blades having differing loading distributions. The additional measurements were performed for incidence values of -10.0°, +5.0°, and +10.0° relative to the design incidence. In addition, two-dimensional Navier-Stokes numerical simulations of the cascade flow were performed in order to help in the interpretation of the experimental results. The exit Mach number was kept at the design value of 1.05. The corresponding Reynolds numbers, based on outlet velocity and true chord, is roughly 10 × 105. The measurements include midspan losses, outlet flow angles, blade loading distributions and base pressures. The results show that the superior loss performance of the aft-loaded profile, observed at design incidence and Mach number, could also be seen for off-design values of incidence ranging from about -5.0° to +5.0°. However, it was found that for incidences greater than about +5.0° the performance of the aft-loaded blade deteriorated rapidly. The front-loaded airfoil showed generally similar performance to that of the baseline mid-loaded airfoil up to an incidence of +5.0°, at which point its performance also deteriorates significantly. Copyright

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Keywords Incidence, Losses, Transonic, Turbine Aerodynamics
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Conference ASME Turbo Expo 2005 - Gas Turbie Technology: Focus for the Future
Corriveau, D., & Sjolander, S. (2005). Aerodynamic performance of a family of three high pressure transonic turbine blades at off-design incidence. Presented at the ASME Turbo Expo 2005 - Gas Turbie Technology: Focus for the Future. doi:10.1115/GT2005-68159