In this paper, we describe a work-in-progress VR platform for education called Circles, as well as its associated background motivations, and relevant related work. We highlight the platform's experiential learning opportunities, but also its contributions towards developing socially scalable interactions to enhance collaborative learning and increased VR accessibility by supporting multiple virtual reality platforms (desktop, mobile, and HMD). We also briefly discuss some pilot studies around the development of three virtual environments highlighting the story of Canadian civil rights pioneer Viola Desmond through explorative narrative.

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2019 IEEE Games, Entertainment, Media Conference, GEM 2019
School of Information Technology

Scavarelli, A. (Anthony), Arya, A, & Teather, R. (2019). Circles: exploring multi-platform accessible, socially scalable VR in the classroom. In 2019 IEEE Games, Entertainment, Media Conference, GEM 2019. doi:10.1109/GEM.2019.8897532