We present new geochronological data on dolerites from the Chaya dyke swarm of the Baikal inlier of the Siberian craton. The U-Pb dating of baddeleyite from one dyke located at the SW end of the Chaya dyke swarm yielded an age of 1752±6 Ma, similar to the previously obtained age of a dyke in the NE end of this swarm. These ages establish an age of 1752 Ma for a unified Chaya dyke swarm that extends for more than 200 km in the Baikal inlier of the Siberian craton. These new data confirm that the entire Chaya dyke swarm (as well as the Timpton-Algamay and Eastern Anabar swarms) is a part of an overall radiating dyke swarm belonging to the Late Paleoproterozoic Timpton Large Igneous Province (LIP), the center of which is located in the middle section of the Vilyuy river flow. Thus, the LIP is enlarged to include the area further west in the Siberian craton.

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Geodynamics and Tectonophysics
Department of Earth Sciences

Gladkochub, D.P. (D. P.), Donskaya, T.V. (T. V.), Ernst, R.E, Söderlund, U. (U.), Mazukabzov, A.M. (A. M.), & Shokhonova, M.N. (M. N.). (2019). Enlargement of the area of the Timpton large igneous province (ca. 1.75 Ga) of the Siberian craton РАСШИРЕНИЕ АРЕАЛА ТИМПТОНСКОЙ КРУПНОЙ МАГМАТИЧЕСКОЙ ПРОВИНЦИИ (~1.75 МЛРД ЛЕТ) СИБИРСКОГО КРАТОНА. Geodynamics and Tectonophysics, 10(4), 829–839. doi:10.5800/GT-2019-10-4-0444