Personal Project Pursuit has been an invitation to think about human personality and development in terms of the personal projects that people are pursuing and the goals and action that such projects conjoin. Some chapters have proposed that human flourishing is contingent on the sustainable pursuit of core projects. The volume itself has been a core project for us and we hope it will have an impact after its completion. Whether it does so will depend on whether the RSVPs it sends out are returned affirmatively. If people decide to come over to this perspective, or at least stop in for a while, it will auger well for personal projects analysis as a sustained and continuing pursuit. Whether they will come depends on the perceived value of the completed projects reported here and on the possible projects that it might stimulate. The intent of this final chapter, therefore, is to highlight the value and the promise of project analytic inquiry particularly for understanding human well-being and flourishing.
Department of Psychology

Little, B.R, & Grant, A.M. (Adam M.). (2017). The sustainable pursuit of core projects: Retrospect and prospects. In Personal Project Pursuit: Goals, Action, and Human Flourishing (pp. 403–444). doi:10.4324/9781315089928-15