A novel approach is adopted to increase the SHG in optical fiber waveguide throughmultilayered core structure deposition. Several number of layers up to 16 layers are deposited withalternating the layer dopants content between SiCl4 and GeCl4/SiCl4. The SHG intensity frompreforms increases with the number of layers.

5th Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and Their Applications, WSOF 2017
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Aljamimi, S.M. (S. M.), Grégoire, N. (N.), Morency, S. (S.), Jafari, S.H. (S. H.), Haque, T. (T.), Smelser, C, … Messaddeq, Y. (Y.). (2017). Developing multilayered core doped silica fiber for enhanced second harmonic generation (SHG). In Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering (pp. 102–103).