The purpose of this paper is to improve one proven method for understanding the management of performance accounts. This is important as there is currently a need for obtaining insights on how, what, and why performance accounts are used in both for profit and non-profit organisations in general, as well as in the more specific field of sport for development. To this end, I propose to add a second move to how previous management research operationalised Greimas and Courtés’ actantial model. A case study that ‘test-drives’ the two combined moves completes this study and raises important ethical questions regarding the translation of readers into actors through manipulation and sanctioning.

Actantial Model, annual reports, FC Barcelona, Sport for development and peace, sport management
Journal of Global Sport Management

Webb, A. (2019). Actantial Insights: Making Sense of Sport for Development Performance Account Management. Journal of Global Sport Management. doi:10.1080/24704067.2019.1669064