The study of energy sector security is in flux. A traditional focus on exploring the nexus between terrorism and physical energy infrastructure has given way to a new and specific emphasis on cyber attacks targeting electrical power grids. A noticeable gap in the literature exists in terms of presenting a more comprehensive assessment of the general threat environment. Our paper, and the larger project from which it stems, intends to fill this void and prompt more nuanced and empirically driven research on the topic that informs Canadian security policy. Our findings are informed by interviews conducted with American and Canadian energy sector officials, and a questionnaire carried out with energy sector companies. By examining a broader suite of disruptive threats to the energy sector, we paint a more inclusive picture of the many gateways through which the energy sector could be targeted.

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International Journal
Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

Babb, C. (Casey), & Wilner, A. S. (2019). Passwords, Pistols, and Power Plants: An assessment of physical and digital threats targeting Canada’s energy sector. International Journal, 74(4), 518–536. doi:10.1177/0020702019895263