We study the precision measurement of the WWZ0 vertex in the process e+e-+- at a s=500 GeV e+e- collider. We find that this process can be used to make a precise determination of the trilinear gauge boson couplings. Assuming an integrated luminosity of 2 fb-1, in the reaction e+e--, Z can be measured to 10% at the 95% C.L. and Z to 0.07 at 95% C.L. With the appropriate cuts on M+-,Z=-0.4+0.3 and Z=-0.6+0.4 at 95% C.L. independent of deviations in and

Physical Review D
Department of Physics

Couture, G. (Gilles), Godfrey, S, & Lewis, R. (Randy). (1992). Probing the WWZ vertex at a s=500 GeV e+e- collider. Physical Review D, 45(3), 777–781. doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.45.777