Personality traits describe average tendencies, yet momentary behaviors in trait domains vary widely. Notably, both dispositional introverts and extraverts experience greater positive affect when behaving in extraverted ways. We test a potential explanation: extraverted behavior may evoke more positive social feedback from others. In Study 1, participants who were randomly assigned to interact with confederates who acted extraverted (vs. introverted) displayed more positive verbal and nonverbal social behaviors during interactions. Behaviors were rated by the participant, confederate, and an observer (via video). Study 2 reversed roles; neutral confederates who interacted with participants who were randomly assigned to act extraverted (vs. introverted) displayed more positive social behaviors. This research extends previous findings by examining how enacted extraversion influences interaction dynamics.

Acting extraverted, Evocation, Happiness, Personality, Social interaction
Personality and Individual Differences
Carleton University Happiness Lab

Davydenko, M. (Mariya), Zelenski, J, Gonzalez, A. (Ana), & Whelan, D. (Deanna). (2020). Does acting extraverted evoke positive social feedback?. Personality and Individual Differences, 159. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2020.109883