Behavioral ecology and nutritional ecology share a common interest in the adaptive basis of animal behavior, yet the two fields have often progressed in isolation, each with its own scientific culture, model study systems and conceptual frameworks. In recent years the expansion of these fields has created significant common ground, and with it has come increasing opportunities for mutual enrichment. However, in the absence of mutual awareness, these potential gains are unlikely to be realized. In this review, we highlight recent conceptual and methodological advances in behavioral and nutritional ecology, and draw upon examples from reproductive behavior to show why researchers would benefit from adopting new approaches that draw upon both fields. We also describe why such integration is likely to not only improve our understanding of nutrition and behavior, but also reveal new and exciting research directions.

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Advances in the Study of Behavior
Department of Biology

Morehouse, N.I. (Nathan I.), Raubenheimer, D. (David), Kay, A. (Adam), & Bertram, S.M. (2020). Integrating nutritional and behavioral ecology: Mutual benefits and new frontiers. In Advances in the Study of Behavior. doi:10.1016/bs.asb.2020.01.002

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